The IBD Clinic team completed a series of live webinars in 2013. The content of the webinars has been edited for viewing and are available here and on YouTube.

They have been programmed more like a television series rather than a 3 minute "sound bite". The title topic is first discussed from a patient's perspective (0-30 minutes) then from a physician's perspective (31-60 minutes). Audience questions are answered throughout. Depending upon your knowledge, you may be interested in viewing one half or the other.

The videos do not need to be viewed in the sequence listed. Although each video focuses on the title topic, there is some overlap in response to questions from the audience.

Why we created this series of videos:

  • To increase awareness of inflammatory bowel disease (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease)¬†
  • To educate patients, family members, and other health care practitioners about IBD to improve disease management and health outcomes in the short- and long-terms
  • To serve as the "go to" source for credible, high quality IBD-related information¬†


Use the links on the LEFT to access the video(s) of interest.

  • Video #1 - Introduction to gastroenterologists, the IBD Clinic, and IBD
  • Video #2 - IBD Diagnosis: what are the tests and what information do they provide
  • Video #3 - Therapy: what medications are used, when are they used, and why
  • Video #4 - Surgery: procedure descriptions, differences between ulcerative colitis & Crohn's
  • Video #5 - Pediatrics & IBD: childhood onset IBD intended for parents and family members
  • Video #6 - Teens & IBD: transitioning from pediatric to adult health care, unique challenges
  • Video #7 - IBD Q&A: our experts answer questions on a wide range of topics related to IBD
  • Video #8 - Pregnancy & IBD: answers you need but do not want to ask your doctor
  • Video #9 - Flare Prevention: your role as a patient and how to optimize your IBD care


The IBD Clinic would like to thank our supporters who made the series of IBD webinars possible: