The IBD Clinic team review the onset of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in children. Topics include:

  • symptoms of childhood onset IBD
  • how pediatric IBD is different than adult onset IBD
  • medication options for children
  • health outcomes for children

The team discusses the overarching goals of therapy for pediatric patients, what a patient and their family should expect, and special considerations for children and adolescents. Throughout, the team answers questions posed by patients and other health care practitioners.


  • Dr. Richard Fedorak, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Karen Kroeker, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Eytan Wine, Pediatric Gastroenterologist
  • Dr. Matthew Carroll, Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Duration: 60 minutes

Date: April 2013