Talking about fatigue

One of the key difficulties with fatigue is that it can be difficult to discuss and explain it as a problem. This can mean that you may find it difficult to talk to your doctor about your fatigue, and therefore may miss out on receiving help.

During the Crohn’s and Colitis UK study, people with IBD used some of the following words to describe their fatigue:

  • Brain fog
  • A big black hole
  • Being woozy or fuzzy
  • Zombie mode
  • Overwhelming heaviness
  • Just shattered
  • Completely wiped out

You may find it helpful to use some of these descriptions when you are talking to your health care team. Some doctors and nurses are not aware how much fatigue can affect people with IBD, so may not ask about it during an appointment. If you do suffer from fatigue, you should make sure you do tell your IBD specialist.