The IBD Clinic team is put on the "hot seat" as they answer a variety of questions posed by the viewing audience on all matters of IBD. The entire episode is suitable for both patients and health care practitioners.

Topics include:

  • "irritable colitis"
  • gluten-free diet and IBD - is it beneficial or recommended?
  • fecal microbiota therapy (also known as bacteriotherapy or fecal transplants)
  • steroid therapy and bone density concerns
  • traveling with IBD medications and what should you bring
  • how to use enemas - tips & tricks
  • vitamin D supplementation and Crohn's disease
  • chronic pouchitis - is this Crohn's disease?

The team answers both general and specific questions about IBD posed by patients and other health care practitioners. The diverse range of topics will be of interest to anyone associated with IBD.


  • Dr. Richard Fedorak, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Karen Kroeker, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Vivian Huang, Sr. IBD Fellow

Duration: 63 minutes

Date: July 2013