The IBD Clinic team reviews family planning and pregnancy in regard to inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Topics include:

  • do children inherit IBD if one or both parents have it
  • special considerations for pregnant mothers regarding their IBD-related medications
  • flaring during pregnancy
  • delivery options available to pregnant mothers who have IBD
  • breastfeeding and pregnancy

The team discusses the concerns that patients may have about pregnancy and IBD, the beneficial role of medical therapy, and what a patient and her or his partner can expect. Throughout, the team answers general questions about IBD and pregnancy posed by patients, couples, and other health care practitioners.


  • Dr. Richard Fedorak, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Karen Kroeker, Gastroenterologist specializing in IBD
  • Dr. Vivian Huang, Sr. IBD Fellow

Duration: 60 minutes

Date: 2013