Emergency Travel Kit

You may find it helpful to pack an ‘emergency travel kit’ containing everything needed to clean up in case you have an accident.

This could contain:

  • a supply of pads, pants, alcohol-free wet wipes, tissues, sanitary disposal bags for soiled pants, disposable gloves and an antibacterial handwash
  • a small mirror (useful to check that you are clean)
  • a couple of clothes pegs to keep your clothes out of the way if you need both hands to get clean
  • an aerosol neutralizer to disguise odor
  • if you are prone to sore skin, include a cream such as zinc and castor oil
  • a toilet roll and a change of clothes

If you are traveling by air the kit can be packed in your hand luggage. If you have a neutralizer spray in an aerosol canister, check with the airline that you can take it on board.