You may be travelling on holiday via car, bus, train, ferry or aeroplane. Whichever way you are travelling, there are issues that you may wish to consider. If you are travelling by car, you may wish to check the location of accessible toilet facilities when planning your route. They can often be found in places such as Tourist Information Centres, supermarkets, and fast food restaurants, as well as service stations.

When travelling by bus, train, or aeroplane, it may be worth checking whether there is an accessible toilet on board, and, if possible, booking a seat close to it. If you are flying, you can usually pre-arrange your in-flight meals for any particular dietary requirements, such as dairy free or low-fat. Cabin air can be very dry so drinking plenty of water and avoiding alcohol and caffeine should help to prevent dehydration.

If you are going on a long flight you might want to consider taking an antidiarrheal beforehand. But these are not recommended if you are having a flare-up of your IBD.