Our IBD clinic Quality Improvement Dashboard



The IBD Clinical Care Pathways (IBD CCPs©have been used in the IBD Unit at University of Alberta Hospital since 2014 and by 2016 were deemed to be effective in improving IBD patients' health and health care outcomes and also cost-effectiveness of the IBD care.

The IBD practitioners at our IBD Unit at the University of Alberta led by Dr. Richard Fedorak has adapted and developed a set of the QIs that are relevant, based on IBD practitioner’s scope and domain of practice, and for which there is empirical evidence linking IBD practitioners’ inputs and interventions to the outcome for patients. They were developed and adapted using a modified Delphi Panel process that combined existing evidence base with the collective judgment of local clinical experts. These IBD QIs are classified into the structure, process and outcome QIs. They are commonly used measures to gain insight into health care organizations’ performance regarding the quality of care provided and measure IBD care performance and health and health care outcomes.

The aim of this Quality Improvement initiative is to assess the quality outcomes of the care provided to IBD patients in Alberta and how they differ across facilities.

We are evaluating quality of IBD care by measuring QIs from January 2000 and prospectively on quarterly basis.

QIs data are displayed on the IBD QIs dashboard and are available publicly on our website. For more information and review the data, refer to the corresponding sections above.

All figures are interactive. You can easily choose specific information to be presented on the graph.


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